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Birgitte Marthinsen

43-41449 Government rd.

Squamish, BC V8B 0G4



604 815 8287


I have been a resident of Squamish, B.C for 10 years, living with my family in Brackendale, but was born and raised in Norway. I have studied landscape architecture, architecture and sustainable design in Norway, Florida and California. I have travelled all over the world and over the years I have worked for several architectural companies including Sieger Suarez Architecture and Associates(Miami), Wallace Group Inc(California), Eco-Architecture(Maui) and Gottchalk Design(Whistler). Part of my work experience also includes graphic and interior design.


I find it essential to be familiar with the different trades and materials used when doing a design project. In addition to having my own design company, I was recently also working for Solo Design, a building supply/design store. In the past I have also worked as a landscaper and I'm an avid ``do-it-your-selfer``. If you don`t know your tools and materials and how to use them, how can you be sure that what you are designing will stand up during construction?``. Knowing how things are built also means that I have a better understanding and connection to the different trades that are working on your project.


As an interior designer, my inspiration goes back to my roots in Scandinavia. I prefer clean, simple lines and spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. No space should be wasted, but rather made use of in new and unique ways. I also find inspiration in nature and natural elements. Working with reclaimed materials is something I try to incorporate into all my designs, even if it's just a small piece.

Old wood pieces or accents can make a space go from bleak and cold, to warm and cozy, no matter what your style is. It's all about the details, and very often less is more...


Design is my passion, in any form or shape. Let me share my ideas with you!


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